General Redemption - 9/17/10

اذهب الى الأسفل

General Redemption - 9/17/10

مُساهمة من طرف Admin في الجمعة سبتمبر 17, 2010 4:00 pm

General Redemption Rules - 9/17/10:

1. This redemption will only be in one wave. No member will be allowed to redeem PTZ for more than one product or item. As with all redemptions, there is a limited inventory of products available, and Lockerz makes no promises or guarantees that eligibility to enter PTZ Place or to participate in this redemption will result in you being able to successfully redeem PTZ or obtain any item.

2. Eligibility to enter PTZ Place and to participate in this redemption is limited to: (a) members who have earned login PTZ on between September 13, 2010 at 12:01 a.m. and September 16, 2010 at 11.59 p.m. EDT.

3. Shipping PTZ are now included in the PTZ level of all physical items, but not digital items (PayPal™ etc.).

4. There will be no exchanges, returns, cancellations or PTZ refunds on redeemed products or items.

5. Using your browser's autofill tool or any other automated means to enter required information is NOT allowed (including Roboform) and will not work as we continue to introduce new anti-botting measures.

6. Your use of any bots, scripts, programs, or any method that involves the use of deception, false information, fraud, manipulation, avoidance, or cheating of any kind or your enabling others to do so (whether related to this redemption, qualifying for this redemption or any use whatsoever of the website) is strictly prohibited. Any such violation will result in disqualification from this redemption, order cancellation, and, any further penalties Lockerz deems appropriate, including loss of all or any portion of PTZ, and termination of membership.

7. In addition to complying with these Rules, terms, and conditions, all Lockerz Terms of Use and PTZ Rules apply to this redemption. Violation of any of these requirements, terms and conditions will result in disqualification from this redemption, order cancellation, and any further penalties Lockerz deems appropriate.

8. Lockerz, in its sole discretion and at any time, will make any and all determinations regarding violations, penalties, and all other matters affecting this redemption.


1. Every package sent internationally will be labeled as a "gift." However, you are responsible for all duties, taxes, and other fees imposed by any government authority, compliance with any and all laws, regulations, and requirements as the importer of this product, and suitability for use in the destination country.

2. All addresses must be accurate and entered correctly. If the address you enter does not exist or is not entered correctly, Lockerz will cancel your order. Any item Lockerz has shipped to you which you return for any reason will be cancelled and not sent to you an additional time. Lockerz also will not refund any PTZ you redeemed for the returned item.

Other Information:

1. All gift cards are subject to any and all requirements and limitations imposed by the issuer, which is not Lockerz, and/or the named company, including but not limited to the possibility of not being valid for use in all locations or at all times. Lockerz is not responsible for and will not refund any PTZ for gift cards that are rejected based on any such requirements or limitations. As made clear in the product overview, Lockerz also has been able to determine that none of the gift cards available during this redemption are valid for use outside of the US and therefore should not be selected by international members. If any member who has a profile address outside the US ignores this information and still attempts to redeem PTZ for such a gift card, Lockerz will halt the complete processing of this redemption request and leave the PTZ associated with the gift card in the member's account. Except for these two actions, Lockerz will not offer or provide the member with a substitute or alternative card or item of any kind, authorize participation in any other redemption based on the member's choice of a gift card in this redemption, or take any other steps to overturn, reverse, or alter the member's choice of a gift card.

2. The redemption of PTZ for a gift card is not actually sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with the companies issuing, named or referenced on the gift card. The logos, marks, names, taglines, and other company references on the gift cards may be protected intellectual property under applicable laws. The distribution of such cards is not intended to infringe on those property rights and may cease at any time upon an owner's request.

For more redemption information --- stay tuned:-)

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